The Christian Worldview (2): Metaphysics (a)

The Bible begins with creation; this is a good place for us to start to delineate the Biblical Worldview. From the Bible’s view of creation we are given the heart of the Biblical worldview, the creator-creature distinction. There are two fundamental realities according to the Bible, God and His creation. Everything we can consider is either part of God’s creation or God Himself—there is nothing else. The Bible tells us much about God: He is three and yet one, not bound by any limitations—able to do whatever He desires—yet perfectly faithful to His character—never acting in contradiction. God is absolute, ultimately unchanging, yet personal and eternally relational. God is perfect in Himself and freely chose to create the universe, which exists outside of Himself (in distinction from Him) yet is not independent of Him—it is dependent on His will and power for its existence. All reality can further be considered as visible or invisible (somewhat parallel to material and immaterial, though these are not the biblical categories): God and spiritual beings are usually invisible but can make themselves visible. His creation consists of both the visible, the earth, heavens, etc.; the invisible, spiritual beings; and humanity, a mixture of the visible (body) and the invisible (spirit). Man was the pinnacle of God’s creation, made in His image to be mirrors of His glory.

The Christian Worldview: Introduction

Part 2 – Mataphysics (b)

This article adapted from the first appendix of my paper, To Love God with All One’s Heart Soul and Strength.

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