A Translation of Habakkuk

Over the last couple of years I have studied the book of Habakkuk and have been writing several books on it. One of the fruits of this labour is a translation of Habakkuk from the original Hebrew text (as recorded in the Leningrad Codex). I have endeavoured to translate Habakkuk in such a way that retains its original emphases and poetic force. My goal has not been to produce a translation that reads as good English literature. Instead, I have laboured to make the foreign Hebrew style of Habakkuk available and clear to the English reader.

My translation of Habakkuk is integral to all the books I intend to publish on it and, as such, is featured in each of them. I am also providing my translation here to aid anyone who is interested in studying Habakkuk and does not have access to these books. Below is a link to download a pdf of the latest edition of my translation. Provided  below are several resources pertaining to translating in general and specific areas of difficulty in Habakkuk. It is my prayer that these resources will aid the reader in their studies.


A Translation of Habakkuk (PDF)

Resources on translation in general:

A Defence of an Author’s Translation – Part 1

The Lament of the Afflicted: a Translation of Job 30 (PDF)

Resources on the translation of Habakkuk in particular:

A Comparison of Habakkuk Translations – 1:12

A Comparison of Habakkuk Translations – 2:2

A Comparison of Habakkuk Translations – 2:3-4

THAT THE ONE READING THESE THINGS WILL RUN”: On the Translation of Habakkuk 2:2c in the Septuagint (PDF)

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