Review of Resurrection Life in a World of Suffering

“To the elect exiles of the Dispersion,” with these words Peter begins his first letter. Not to Christians who are secure at home, to those who are free from suffering, but to exiles dispersed throughout the known world. This is the situation all Christians find themselves in, and so 1 Peter is a timely book. It speaks a message every Christian needs to hear and take to heart. Resurrection Life in World of Suffering presents a series of exposition first delivered at the TGC 2016 women’s conference; these expositions of 1 Peter help believers today to catch the hope that resurrection life offers to us who suffer in exile.

Though originally written for and delivered to women, the book helpfully relates the hope Peter proffers in a way that both men and women will benefit from. The addition of a conversation with John Piper on teaching 1 Peter as an appendix and a set of questions and personal reflections from the authors at the end of each chapter make this volume particularly valuable for those looking to teach 1 Peter, particularly for lay leaders.

Each of the expositions is helpful; I found myself thoroughly encouraged as I read Peter’s message expounded and illustrated for our contemporary context. In particular, Juan Sanchez’s introduction will serve as a valuable introductory level guide to understanding 1 Peter and reading the New Testament in general. I can see his discussion of the Old Testament in 1 Peter being especially helpful to those who have not been exposed to the topic before. I heartily commend this volume as an expositional commentary on 1 Peter and a helpful guide for those who are looking to teach 1 Peter but are not quite ready to tackle one of the larger technical commentaries.

I received a review copy of this book from Crossway.

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