The Book of the Twelve is Now Available

The Book of the Twelve book cover

The Book of the Twelve is now available! This is the first release of our new series “A Journal for the Hebrew Scriptures.” The Book of the Twelve is actually Volume 8 of The Nevi’im (Part 2). However, for various idiosyncratic reasons, we published it first! Each volume in the series is crafted to help the student of Hebrew enjoy reading in a new way and to actively study the Hebrew Bible. From the margin size to full pages for note-taking, everything about each volume is designed for regular reading and journaling.

Over the next year and a bit (November 2020 – January 2022), we will be publishing every book in the Nevi’im. This will be followed by the Torah in 2022-2023 and the Ketuvi’im in 2023-2024. Each volume of “A Journal for the Hebrew Scriptures” presents the vocalic and consonantal text of the MT without verse or chapter markings. Each page of Hebrew text has a full page of lined paper for note-taking and there is ample space along the margins and between lines to mark up the text. If you want to see what it looks like, drop over to google books. For more details on the formatting decisions and what we have and have not included (vowels and consonants but not cantillation/accent marks), check out our project page.

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