2022 in a Wrap

2022 was a challenging and rewarding year for me personally. We welcomed our third child, Adriel, in October. It has been amazing to see Adriel grow in the last two months, and to see Aliyah thrive as a big sister. This has also been a time of mixed emotions, for we are still grieving the loss of his brother Asher in August 2021 (at 28 weeks of pregnancy). We have also found ourselves homeless at the end of 2022, but we are grateful for the hospitality of the people of God; several families have opened their doors to us as we search for a home. However, by God’s grace, despite the challenges, I made significant progress in my PhD last year, as well as completed many Teleioteti projects.

Despite the challenges, God has been kind to my work through Teleioteti. 2022 saw several significant achievements. I was only able to publish four digital reviews, along with one print review (in Themelios). However, on the book front, I was able to complete the series of Hebrew-language journaling bibles, A Journal for the Hebrew Scripture. This series is now completed, with volumes available in hardcover and paperback, along with single-volume editions of the Torah, Nevi’im, and Ketuvim. This series took up most of my effort with Teleioteti, yet I was also able to publish two books in 2022. January saw the publication of The Gift of Revelation: A Doctrine of Scripture, followed by The Trinity and the Bible: How All Scripture Testifies to One God in Three Persons.

I have several books currently in the works; they touch on many diverse topics. The one that is receiving most of my time is The Being of the Church: A Neo-Congregational Polity. This will be a lengthy treatment of church polity, the theology of the church and its organisation. It will include a reprint and modernisation of the Cambridge Platform of Discipline, which is my main dialogue partner.

2023 is beginning to look like it will be an interesting year, with several exciting things to look forward to. In addition to The Being of the Church, 2023 will see the completion of my PhD thesis, Rightly Defining the Son of God: Examining the Conceptual Apparatus of the Definition of Chalcedon. I am also launching a digital and print journal through Teleioteti.ca, dependent on the interest and investment of Christians eager to engage in serious Christian thought outside of the bounds of academia. You can find more details here. God willing, I intend to launch a freelance editing service this year, which will also be under the Teleioteti banner. I am also working on a podcast that will cover the areas discussed in my books and my PhD thesis.

My family will soon be moving to a new suburb in Sydney, Australia to invest in the community and, God willing, work towards planting a church in 2 or 3 years. In conjunction with this, I may also begin a Philosophy PhD looking at the work of George Berkeley and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. I am currently discussing this with a potential supervisor and prayerfully seeking God’s wisdom moving forward. I hope this project will help reveal some key issues in contemporary Christian thought and build upon my PhD work on Chalcedon, pointing towards a better way to think about theology and, therefore, Christian ministry. Please pray for God’s work in my family and through the ministry of Teleioteti.

If you have benefitted from my writing or find the vision of Christian ministry and intellectual engagement developed through Teleioteti compelling, please prayerfully consider supporting God’s work through this ministry in 2023. Currently, you can support my work by buying my books, giving through Patreon, or contributing to my SSF Grant through Moore Theological College.

Please pray that God would provide my family with a home suitable for ministry and would use us for his glory in the coming year.

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