I am excited to announce the launch of the Teleioteti Journal for Christian Ministry. It will be some time before articles begin to appear, but I invite anyone interested in participating to consider submitting an article or to register interest in reviewing articles.

The Teleioteti Journal for Christian Ministry is journal for non-academic Christian scholarship that is simultaneously rigorous, confessional, and self-consciously biblical. Teleioteti is an appropriate name for this publication, for its purpose is to foster maturity among Christians of all vocations: its goal is to foster serious, godly, and mature intellectual thought about God and his world. Interdisciplinary in the sense that it avoids being pigeon-holed into the constraints of this or that arbitrarily defined academic “discipline,” The Teleioteti Journal for Christian Ministry will be a platform for publishing all things pertaining to Christian ministry—practice, theology, history, philosophy, and biblical studies. I do not propose these labels as disciplines but as organisational categories catching the primary emphasis or perspective of an article (much as library organisational schemes do not propose to define epistemic or disciplinary boundaries but merely facilitate filing and discovery).

The Teleioteti Journal is part of the Teleioteti Training Initiative, which you can read about here. Particularly, it is aimed at creating new infrastructure for serious and biblical Christian thought.

You can read more about the journal and the articles it will print here.

You can find out about the peer review process it will employ here.

Submission details can be found here.

If you have an article you would like to submit, you can do so through on this page.

To express interest in reviewing articles, you can use the Review page and/or join the Facebook group. Eventually we will incorporate alternative means of networking reviewers.

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