Coming Soon

Though I provide expected release dates below, these are tentative and depend on many factors. So, as God wills it, I will finish the following projects in the near future.

Expected 2024

God Is: 20 Portraits of the King

This small book is near completion; I intend to release it last 2024. It offers portraits of God drawn from 20 passages from the Bible. In many ways it echoes The Decades of Henreich Bullinger in that it seeks to achieve the same ends of systematic theology through something closer to a sermon. I have posted some of the chapters as blog posts: In the Beginning, Unpredictably Gracious, The Self-Revealing One, Great in Mercy, The Sovereign Saviour.

The Theological Works of George Berkeley

For several years now, I have been researching the 18th century Christian philosopher and theologian George Berkeley. I am working on a theological approach to his extant works, which depending on copyright provisions may involve a compilitation of essays on his theology and the theological contribution of his works or a set of volumes including his extant works with theological introductions and interpretative notes. In addition to interpretations of his major works, I also have a monograph on Berkeley’s ontology in mind, which would consider Berkeleyian Idealism as an alternative to Classical Theism and Christian Aristotelianism or Thomism.

Series – The God’s Gifts for the Christian Life

By J. Alexander Rutherford

God has not left His people without help in the day of trouble—or in the day of prosperity for that matter. The Bible is God’s gift to His people, revealing to them Jesus Christ and the salvation He has accomplished. But the gift of Scripture does not end in revealing our need for salvation and God’s provision for it; Scripture is sufficient for the entire Christian life (2 Tim. 3:16-17). In this series, J. Alexander Rutherford unpacks how God through the Bible has given what we need to live faithfully in this World. Each volume unpacks the Scriptural teaching against the background of contemporary culture and shows how the Bible provides a firm foundation for our lives. Each volume is intended to be short, 110-150 pages, and accessible to the interested reader. The primary audience is theologically interested lay-Christians (Christians who are not in paid ministry and have no formal theological training), students, and pastors.

This series is intended to fill the spot of prolegomena in a systematic or dogmatic theological work. However, the vision of theology laid out in these volumes is not that of a traditional systematic theology. Instead of laying forth the presuppositions and methods for constructing a system of doctrine from the Biblical data in conversation with tradition, God’s Gifts for the Christian Life is meant to lay a foundation for the theological life. It is prolegomena in the sense that it is meant to lay forth a framework for faithful, thoughtful Christian life in the West and beyond. Theology, as laid out in this series, is the application of the Word of God by God’s people to every area of life (following John Frame in The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God). This series is meant to show how God has made it possible to live a truly Christian life and how the Christian life can and should involve thoughtful, intellectual engagement with culture in order that we might save those who are now perishing. All life is a gift and the Bible, accompanied by the Spirit in the lives of God’s redeemed people, is a gift preeminent, sufficient and clear so that we might have the confidence to live boldly and faithfully for God in this world.

Part 1: The Gift of Knowledge: A Biblical Perspective on Knowledge

Part 1, the Gift of Knowledge, addresses the questions raised by philosophy and culture concerning the nature and possibility of knowledge and truth. In this first part, a biblically grounded theology of the Christian mind is presented, encompassing epistemology (the structure and nature of knowledge), metaphysics (the relationship between the human mind and the objects of thought), and Biblical hermeneutics (the way we interpret the Bible, our ultimate authority) will be presented. Read more here.

Volume 1 — The Gift of Knowing: A Biblical Perspective on Knowing and Truth

The Gift of knowing is now available, as of February 2019. See here.

Volume 2.1 — The Gift of Reading — Part 1: Reading the Bible in Submission to God

The Gift of Reading – Part 1 is now available, as of September 2019. See here.

Volume 2.2 — The Gift of Reading — Part 2: A Biblical Perspective on Hermeneutics

The Gift of Reading – Part 2 is now available, as of September 2019. See here.

Volume 3 — The Gift of Seeing: A Biblical Perspective on Ontology 

The Gift of Seeing is now available, see here.

Part 2 – The Gift of Truth: A Biblical Perspective on Scripture

Volume 1 — The Gift of Revelation: A Doctrine of Scripture

The Gift of Revelation is now available, see here.

Volume 2 — The Gift of the Old Testament: Promises Given

I intend to publish The Gift of the Old Testament in 2024-2025.

Volume 3 — The Gift of the New Testament: Promises Fulfilled

I intend to publish The Gift of the New Testament in 2024-2025.

Part 3 – The Gift of Wisdom: A Biblical Perspective on the Christian Life

In the third part of “God’s Gifts for the Christian Life,” I intend to present several different perspectives on the way God calls us as Christians to live. I am still working on the concepts for the 2nd and 3rd volume, but I suspect they will address in different fashions ecclesiology, or the doctrine of the Church, and the task of theology.

Volume 1 – The Gift of Purpose: Orienting the Christian Life in the Western World

I have now finished the first several drafts of this work, so I am confident (God willing) it will be prepared for publishing by early 2021. In this book, I consider how God would have us as Christians engage with our cultures, especially Western culture. I am writing against a trend I have witnessed among Evangelicals to make saving Western culture a priority, to varying extents of course. After sketching the way the Gospel has shaped what is best in Western culture, I then evaluate several positions on Christian cultural engagement that have a high view of Western culture. This includes Transformationalism or Neo-Calvinism, Reformed 2 Kingdoms teaching, and various approaches of ressourcement, or looking to the past for answers to present cultural issues. In the final part of the book, I use the themes of ecclesiology, soteriology, and eschatology to present several principles for Christian cultural engagement.

The Gift of Purpose was published on December 18, 2020. See here.

Volume 2 — The Gift of Theology: A Biblical Perspective on Theology

I intend to publish The Gift of Theology in 2025.

Volume 3 — The Gift of Family: A Biblical Perspective on Ecclesiology

I intend to publish The Gift of Family in 2025.

Unknown Release Date

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: An Exegetical-Theological Commentary on Revelation

I have a preliminary, annotated translation prepared and am in the process of producing a study guide, which will then be the basis of a fuller commentary.

The Fulness of Christ: An Exegetical-Theological Commentary on Ephesians

Metaphysics and Christian Doctrine

A book length treatment of the missteps in Christian engagement with metaphysics and a programme for constructive, theological engagement with metaphysics.

Teleioteti – On the Training of Pastors

I have a long running project intended to demonstrate the weaknesses in the present model for training Christian pastors and offer a model for ministry training that could be reproduced in many different contexts. As this project is dependent on many of the other projects I have in the works, I am unsure when it will be released. For now, see the Teleioteti Training Initiative.

Other Projects

I have also been working on several Biblical Hebrew and Greek resources that would employ the insights from my epistemological and hermeneutical work in “God’s Gifts.” My hope is to make learning to read these languages quicker and more natural for the beginning student.

In addition to these, I have been writing a project with the working title, Portraits of a Great God. This book presents 20 pictures of God throughout Scripture through accesible exegesis and illustration. It will be followed by a similar work concerning Jesus.