Habakkuk: An Intermediate Hebrew Reader and Commentary

Habakkuk: An Intermediate Hebrew Reader and Commentary Cover

Habakkuk is a book of discipleship, a book written to bring its reader to a deeper faith in Yahweh in the presence of His unthinkable deeds. Amid oppressive evil at the hands of their Judahite brothers, the righteous of Judah cry out to God for salvation. His response is the invasion of fearsome Chaldea. What appears to be horrid judgment is actually his plan to save those who trust in Him. All His people are called to extraordinary faith, to believe Him even when His deeds are unbelievable. In this way, and only this way, will they be delivered from their oppressors and enjoy God’s blessings; only by faith can they have life. Habakkuk: An Intermediate Hebrew Reader and Commentary gives the student the resources to seriously engage with this book in its original language.

Habakkuk is a challenging yet beautiful book that has much to teach the people of God. Its eloquent poetry and interpretive issues make it a suitable, even necessary, subject for Hebrew study. The goal of this intermediate Hebrew reader and commentary is to facilitate theological, devotional, and pastoral engagement with the Hebrew text of Habakkuk alongside development in one’s understanding of Hebrew. After an extensive introduction discussing the significant issues and laying the groundwork for interpreting Habakkuk, this commentary presents the Hebrew text juxtaposed with an English translation and with contextual glosses for Hebrew Words occurring less than thirty times in the Hebrew Bible. Each section has an introduction followed by the text and comments on textual, theological, and interpretative issues. With a balance of theological reflection, exegetical depth, and assistance with the Hebrew text, the Hebrew student will be equipped to wrestle with the text in its original language and develop their understanding of the language simultaneously.

This resource incorporates aspects of our A Journal for the Hebrew Scriptures series and Habakkuk: An Exegetical-Theological Commentary. You can preview the book over at google books or through many online retailers. It is now available for pre-order and will be released on June 25, 2021. It will be available in Paperback and Hardcover.

Cover Design: Stephen Joshua Arriola