Portraits of the King: 20 Biblical Pictures of God

Portraits of the King book cover

Coming soon, 27 June 2024

Author: J. Alexander Rutherford
ISBN: 978-1-989560-76-1 (Paperback); 978-1-989560-77-8 (Hardcover); 978-1-989560-78-5 (Ebook)
Publisher: Teleioteti
Place: Campbell River, BC Canada
Date Published: 27 June, 2024
Pages: 140
Cover Design: J. Alexander Rutherford

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Yahweh, the God of the Bible is no bigger, better human: he is the creator of not just humans, but everything. He has no creator and needs nothing from no one. He will not and cannot cease to exist. He never makes mistakes; he is never caught off guard; he never fails. On the other hand, he has made himself known. He is not the ineffable “One” of Plotinus and the philosophers, indescribable and unknowable, met only in mystical encounters. God is not only great in his vast distance over us, but he is also simultaneously close in his tender, kind presence with us. In Yahweh alone is inexhaustible greatness; in him alone is true greatness made known.

When we read about God in the Bible, we are not given universal statements about God’s attributes (though these have their place); we are shown portraits of the Great God as he relates to us, his creatures. From these portraits we not only come to know God truly and deeply (as we come to truly know our spouse or friends by witnessing what they do and say), but we are forced to respond to the God we come to know. As we are struck with awe-even despair-in the presence of the natural wonders, beholding God’s greatness in Scripture must move us. We ought to be (and often are) led to trembling worship before the God who is truly Great.

Read this short book, delight in the God you meet there, and then set yourself to the lifelong task of discovering once again the living, true God, the great God, Yahweh.

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