Revelation, Retribution, and Reminder: A Biblical Exposition of the Doctrine of Hell

Revelation, Retribution, and Reminder: A Biblical Exposition of the Doctrine of Hell book cover

No doctrine appears more horrid to Christians and non-Christians alike as the doctrine of Hell, the belief in eternal, conscious punishment against sin. However, despite the efforts of many to dismiss the doctrine, the Biblical testimony is clear. Why is this doctrine so common in the Bible? Why does Jesus talk about it so often? In this short book, we will take a stark look at what the Bible says about Hell as retribution—as punishment against sin. More importantly, we will see why this doctrine matters. It matters because only in light of this doctrine do we understand the Cross of Christ. Hell is a revelation of God—of His mercy, love, and justice. Finally, it reminds us that we are surrounded by many who will die and face Hell if they do not believe in Jesus Christ and receive the mercy of God offered through Him.

Revelation, Retribution, and Reminder is not part of any series currently published by Teleioteti, but it does build on the themes developed in several of our works. In particular, FAQ #1 adapts material from the Believe the Unbelievable, concerning the justness of God’s deeds. The framework for considering such questions–indeed, any value claim–is developed more thoroughly in Prevenient Grace, The Gift of Knowing, and several forthcoming works (see our coming soon page).





Introduction – 1

1. Revelation: Hell Is the Revelation of God’s Character – 5

2. Retribution: Hell Is Wrath Against the Enemies of God – 15

3. Reminder: Hell Is a Reminder Now Of God’s Future Justice – 25

Conclusion – 37

Frequently Asked Questions about Hell – 41

#1. Is Hell an Injustice? – 41

#2. Is “Hell” just the Valley of the Sons of Hinnom? – 47

#3. Is Hell a Relatively Modern Invention? – 49

#4. Will Hell Have an End? (Annihilationism) – 51

#5. Will All Be Saved and Hell Emptied? (Universalism) – 53

Cover Design: Stephen Joshua Arriola