Teleioteti Technical Studies

Teleioteti Technical Studies are written to address technical questions in the areas of theology and biblical studies. They are intended to be rigorously researched and argued without being academic, faithful to Scripture without being simplistic, and oriented towards technical issues with practical significance for Gospel ministry (such as preaching and teaching the Bible). Each volume interacts with scholarly literature and addresses questions of scholarly concern but is intended to be accessible to the theologically interested layperson or pastor.

Thus far, only two volumes in this series have been published. Several more are planned but there is not yet an expected time for their release.

God's Kingdom through His Priest-King, A teleioteti technical study, book cover

God’s Kingdom through His Priest-King (published 2019), the first volume of “Teleioteti Technical Studies,” is a study of the Davidic Covenant and its role in the Book of Samuel (1 & 2 Samuel). It argues that the author develops his narrative around this covenant in order to demonstrate God’s sovereign purpose and to point forward to a future Davidic priest-king who will rule God’s kingdom.

Prevenient Grace A Teleioteti Technical Study book cover

Prevenient Grace (2nd revised ed. published 2020), the second volume of Teleioteti Technical Studies,” is an intensive investigation into the Arminian doctrine of Prevenient Grace. It is argued that Prevenient Grace is indispensable for Evangelical Arminian theology, that the doctrine has no biblical basis, and that it is contrary to the Biblical teaching concerning total depravity, unconditional election, and effectual calling.

Related series

Closely related to our Teleioteti Technical studies are our Biblical commentaries, for now only Habakkuk is available. Our series, A Journal for the Hebrew Scriptures, is directed to the same audience as our technical studies.