The Gift of Seeing: A Biblical Perspective on Ontology

Throughout the history of the Church, Christian theology has been waged on the battlefield of ontology. Ontology touches on nearly every aspect of intellectual engagement, so our conclusions in this area are far-reaching.

Ontology is usually considered the study of “being” or “reality.” Yet even this definition presupposes a non-Christian view of the matter. Rather, ontology investigates the connection between our thoughts and reality, between what we believe and truth, and between language and the things to which it refers. The Bible has much to say on these topics. Retrieving a Biblical perspective on these matters is essential if we are going to rightly understand theology, the Bible, and the world we live in. We will see that only the Bible can offer a coherent vision of reality and a way of appropriately understanding God, history, and the world around us. 

By providing us with such a perspective, God has granted us a great gift, the gift of perceiving the world rightly. He has granted us the gift of interpreting and responding to him and his world as he would have us do so. Such a vision gives us hope and clarity amid the chaos and confusion of the contemporary Western world.

The Gift of Seeing is volume 3 of the series God’s Gifts for the Christian life – Part 1: The Gift of Knowledge.

The Gift of Seeing was published 24 September, 2021.

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Cover Design: James Rutherford and Matt Goodman