The Teleioteti Training Initiative

Last updated 16 January, 2023

Training initiative four pillars
Training Initiative four pillars description

The goal of Teleioteti has always been the discipleship of Christians towards full maturity of faith. Part of our long term vision towards this goal has been to re-think the way we train church leaders. Under the conviction that there is something wrong with the dominant model in the Western world, the model of higher education, our resources have contributed either to identifying weaknesses in this model or pointing in a different direction. The series “God’s Gifts for the Christian Life” has begun laying a foundation for thinking differently about knowledge, truth, and theology. Many of our book reviews have attempted to addresses weakness within the educational and the theological method that underlies the dominant approach to Christian ministerial or pastoral training (e.g. Christian Higher Education; The Case for Classical Christian Education; When Doctrine Divides; Contemplating God). Several of our books have also attempted to explore exegesis and theology within the model outlined in God’s Gifts (e.g. Prevenient Grace, God’s Kingdom through His Priest-King; Habakkuk: An Exegetical-Theological Commentary).

With the launch of the Training Initiative, we have now begun releasing resources that explicitly address issues surrounding ministerial training. At this point, we will continue releasing book reviews addressing relevant issues and articles intended to start a conversation about the merits of the dominant model and potential alternatives. In several years, these will be brought together into a book-length, cohesive argument against the contemporary model of ministerial education and a model for training ministers/pastors in a local church context.

Check this page regularly for updates and current resources. You can read further about the Initiative and its connection to the rest of our work in this article.

Current Training Initiative Resources

As we publish resources as part of the training initiative, they will appear below.


Authority Structures and Biblical Education

The Over-Intellectualisation of Ministry

Pastors, It’s Your Job to Train Pastors

Church, Be Committed – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

A Journal of Christian Ministry: A Proposal

Elite “Theology” and the God of the Humble

Book Reviews

  1. Review of Christian Higher Education
  2. Review of God’s Design for the Church
  3. Review of The Case for Classical Christian Education
  4. Review of When Doctrine Divides
  5. Review of Contemplating God
  6. Review of The Plurality Principle
  7. Review of The Pastor as Counselor
  8. Review of Concerning the True Care of Souls
  9. Review of the Reformed Pastor
  10. Review of the Trellis and the Vine


The Teleioteti Journal for Christian Ministry


Chalcedon and the State of Modern Theology