Blessed Secularism

If someone asked us about the current state of North American society, how would we respond? Would we bemoan the state of our leadership, the lack of Biblical values in education, the various policies enacted by our government? Sure, if pressed, we may express thankfulness for the freedom we enjoy and the security we have, … Continue reading Blessed Secularism

The Christian Worldview (2): Metaphysics (b)

The next step of the biblical story is the fall. We are told that, because of the Fall, all things have been subject to decay—that God’s good creation is now subject to death. Humanity especially is subject to sin—is by default living under the realm of Satan and devoted to rebellion against God. This is the … Continue reading The Christian Worldview (2): Metaphysics (b)

Luther’s Sola Scriptura Part 1 – Inerrancy and Authority

In the controversy that followed the posting of Luther’s 95 theses in 1517, it is readily apparent Luther and his opponents are vast distances from one another on the question of interpretive authority. Luther’s opponents agreed with him on the infallibility or inerrancy of Scripture (the nature of being free from error) and its authority, … Continue reading Luther’s Sola Scriptura Part 1 – Inerrancy and Authority