The Irrationalism of Rational Thought

Can someone who rejects God as He has revealed Himself in Scripture be consistently rational? Cornelius Van Til, a 20th century Christian apologist and theologian, frequently demonstrated the inherent irrationalism of all non-Biblical worldviews. One of his students, John Frame, has applied this insight to many of the major philosophical thinkers and movements of western … Continue reading The Irrationalism of Rational Thought

The Christian Worldview (3): Epistemology (b)

In the last post, I identified epistemological normativity with the universals—the forms or categories that make knowing possible—yet the normative factor in epistemology is more than just the universals of objects. We need to understand objects not only in comparison to similar objects and in contrast with dissimilar ones, but in relation to the whole … Continue reading The Christian Worldview (3): Epistemology (b)

The Christian Worldview (2): Metaphysics (a)

The Bible begins with creation; this is a good place for us to start to delineate the Biblical Worldview. From the Bible’s view of creation we are given the heart of the Biblical worldview, the creator-creature distinction. There are two fundamental realities according to the Bible, God and His creation. Everything we can consider is … Continue reading The Christian Worldview (2): Metaphysics (a)